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Minimize the Impact of Staff Turnover

Keep guests connected with your brand.

Zenoti protects your business like no other software. 


Turnover’s painful. But Zenoti minimizes the losses, helping customer bond with your brand, not just your staff. We protect you like no one else.

Zenoti’s got you covered with features unlike any other software, such as:

Geo-fencing customer data

Employees cannot access any customer data outside the perimeters you set. So when they walk in the door, they can check customer profiles and preferences on their mobile devices. And when they walk out, access evaporates

Masking customer contact information

Zenoti’s built-in texting and emailing allows providers to connect with them anytime. The secret weapon? All phone numbers and addresses are hidden. So, your team can easily connect from any device … until they leave. The customer stays safely with you


Target people the provider served with marketing

messages, offers, pairing them up with another awesome provider. Proactive management

Monitor staff performance for warning flags

Zenoti gives you a sneak peek into staff levels of engagement (or disengagement). Monitor performance metrics for red flags like lower ratings, reduced work schedules and promptness, slower sales or a drop in rebooking rate and more

Losing staff doesn't mean losing business. Zenoti protects you like no one else.
Monitor staff performance for warning flags
Target people the provider served with marketing
Masking customer contact information
Geo-fencing customer data
Rate and coach students
Auto-coverage for sick providers

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Lauren Williams, Director

London Grace

The reporting, marketing, employee management and client loyalty functionalities are amazing. We are really enjoying using Zenoti and seeing the ways it will improve our business.

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