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Intelligent, automated booking

Let us do the hard work so you can focus on growing your dream. ​

Delight your guests, simplify your operations, go receptionless. 


Elevate your guest experience

From online booking to self check-in, from e-paying to leaving reviews - give your guests a modern, touchless experience that's simply magical

Effortless appointment booking

Book smarter and faster than your best receptionist

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Groups galore

Why spend time juggling logistics for parties of 2-100? Leave it to Zenoti. We've got it

What sets Zenoti apart?

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Paperless digital forms auto-delivered

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Automatic check-in and out with geofencing

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Auto queuing

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Auto payment

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2-tap rebooking

Grow with hundreds of features you won't find anywhere else. Fully integrated into one powerful solution
Eliminate duplicated services while booking
Booking wizard suggests optimal appointment times
Follow-up and abandon cart
Smart provider booking
Room and equipment resourcing
Price and time scaling
Auto-block consulting time
Ensure your guest gets that special provider
Set default rebooking frequency
Eliminate duplicated services while booking
Your brand - online and in store
Service-to-checkout simplicity
Multi-channel appointment reminders
Your brand, your URL
Guests get at-a-glance profile snapshot online
Sell everything in 1 platform
Intelligent prompts for service scheduling
Booking wizardry
Automatically book services in the right order
Find a nearby location: Don’t lose a booking because you’re booked up
Provider-specific appointment lengths & pricing
Auto-compile and collapse services together to show actual service time
Auto-scheduling process segments outside of stylist's schedule
Effortless large party bookings
Flexible - yet personalized - group bookings
Power up your webstore with Shopify Plus Single Sign-On
Auto-set intervals and start times
Increase utilization by booking during processing times
30-second first-time booking
2-tap rebooking
Effortless online upselling
Surprise visit bookings
No-fuss couples booking
Smooth +1 (or 2 or 3 or more) bookings

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Orit Brahami, Owner

Dublin Nails

With Zenoti, we have a much more cost-effective way to manage online appointments. 

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