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Everyone does gift cards.
But no one does 'em like Zenoti!

Use Zenoti's stand-out features to expand your business to new guests, create upfront revenue, reduce returns and increase the overall spend by 40% over face value.

Your guests: Instant delight and seamless enjoyment. 

Deliver an enchanting experience, only on Zenoti

Quickly redeem gift cards

Quickly redeem physical gift cards at the front desk, across locations and regardless of where it was purchased

Gift card balance

Access gift card balances instantly via the guest profile

Share e-gift cards

Timely send e-gift cards to the minute - delight the recipient: Guest can define exactly when they want smile to appear on their recipient's face

Get same-day gifts

Did you know that 41% of consumers who can't get a same-day gift will simply abandon their carts? Use a solution that's as simple - and fast - as Amazon or Uber!

Your business: Flexibility and innovation that reflect your brand’s style.

Grow beyond the basics with features only Zenoti offers


Create gift card promotions

Want to package promotional gift cards that'll build your business twice as fast? Create easy-to-sell specials such as buy one, get one 20% off

Amount based gift card promotion

Amount-based gift card promotions: Create offers that give bonuses for each gift card sold, such as offering the buyer $5 for every $100 gift card purchased

Design e-gift cards

Design your e-gift cards to reflect your brand's style and personality - and update them at will for seasonal or special occasion promotions

Quickly redeem

Quickly redeem physical gift cards at the front desk: Redemption's easier than ever - just scan a gift card's barcode to apply the amount to the guest's invoice

Explore Zenoti gift card features you won't find anywhere else
Quickly redeem physical gift cards at the front desk
Timely send e-gift cards to the minute
Create gift card promotions
Design e-gift cards your way, for your brand
Set gift card duration and redemption timelines
Service & day package gift cards
Create BOGO gift cards
Amount-based gift card promotions

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Dominic Blake, Managing Director

Blushes Hair and Beauty

We’re so thrilled that we were able to launch a gift card campaign that aligned with Black Friday and Christmas.

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