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Achieving Greatness

The Salon Business Excellence Report

At Zenoti, we are committed to helping salons like yours achieve their full potential. The Salon Business Excellence Report reveals data and strategies that define high performance in the industry. See how your business compares to the top salons, and how they achieve excellence. We hope you find these insights and recommendations useful.

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Growth strategies

from the top brands
in the business

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Industry set to grow
33% by 2030

The beauty and wellness industry is projected to experience 5x higher growth than all other industries. Find out what the best in the business are doing to supercharge their growth.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Happy staff and
delighted guests

Want to know how the best salons are keeping staff and guests happy? It’s in the Salon Business Excellence Report.

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Get the success secrets of the
top 10% salons

The top brands earn at least 

4x more revenue than the average performers. Discover their secrets and put
your business on the path to greatness.

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Higher overall sales and
monthly revenue per provider

The top players know and focus on the metrics that count. And they know how to hit the numbers consistently. You can too.

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Unlock access to the report

The 7 KPIs every salon should track regularly

7 strategies that drive revenue and inspire team members

Data of top performers—plus the industry average

How your business stacks up, and how you can improve

Download your copy of the Salon Business Excellence Report

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